About the Flat theme

The Flat theme is based on the familiar Bootstrap code, which is why it can be considered as being responsive. The design is arranged in such a way, that developers can easily modify it. In addition, it has a serene and ‘clean’ character, thus meeting the requirements of many online retailers.


Have you already purchased the theme, or are you considering doing so? If yes, we recommend reading the manual carefully. This will ensure you gaining maximum profit from this versatile design.


Twelve percent of all online orders in the Netherlands is placed using mobile devices, with a preference for shopping with tablets. To make things as easy as possible for these users, we have made this theme responsive, with the advantage that the dimensions of your online store adapt themselves to the characteristics of the device in question. Thus, your online store will be clearly visible on all current screen formats, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. Activating the mobile version of your online store through the back office is no longer necessary.

Google webfonts

Google Web Fonts enable you to easily provide your online store with a proper style. The font faces, available through Google Web Fonts, can all be downloaded free of charge. To view the Web Fonts, go to the overview page. At the left side of the website, you can filter fonts and eventually find the perfect font for your website.


Several settings are available through GENERAL > Design > Settings in the left menu of the back office, enabling you to tailor the entire theme to your preferences. When entering a single color, matching color combinations will automatically be used in your theme. The description can be found with the setting in question.

Image sizes


1138px X 500px


800px X 1000px


800px X 1000px

Full width product images

The first impression is the most important. This function allows you to show more productphoto's at the same time. Because why should the customer click to see a second photo.


The Flat theme allows for adding assets to your online store, with the advantage of distinctively profiling your online store compared to your competitors. Using the appropriate assets enables you to persuade customers to place orders sooner. Assets can easily be added underneath the “Pro’s” caption, by navigating to **GENERAL > Design > Settings** in the left menu of the back office. Here you can add a title and a maximum of six assets. If your online store uses several languages, you will have to add the texts to the custom translations, through **GENERAL > DESIGN > Custom Translations** in the left menu. The entered texts function as keys.


SEOshop Ticket Center

SEOshop provides support for this theme. Are you having problems, or do you have a question or remark? Please contact us through the SEOshop Ticket Center.

SEOshop Ticket Centrum

Troubleshooting Google Web Fonts

Would you like to know more about Google Web Fonts, or select a font? If so, navigate to the link below.

Google fonts

Bootstrap docs

This theme uses the Bootstrap grid and glyph icons. Would you like to know more about the Bootstrap grid and how to optimally use it? If so, please refer to the Bootstrap documentation using the link below. 

Bootstrap documentation


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